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The DRC President has ended his official visit to Burundi


May 25, 2022

BUJUMBURA May 24th (ABP) – The President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Mr. Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tchilombo has just ended his state visit to Burundi which he started on Saturday May 21, 2022 and says he is grateful for the warm welcome that the Burundians gave him upon his arrival in Bujumbura.

Before his departure, the Congolese President first met the Congolese community living in Burundi. The representatives of this community who spoke on this occasion raised a few problems related in particular to the residence visa, certain administrative documents, the conformity of diplomas and the covid-19 test which are expensive. They also raised the issue of schools that are no longer able to support the current number of students. They also mentioned the issue of some students who are often imprisoned because of their expired visas and the lack of physical address of the representatives which makes it difficult or impossible to find them when someone needs them.

                                                                                                    View of representatives of the Congolese community living in Burundi

Regarding issues concerning bilateral cooperation between Burundi and the DRC, President Tshisekedi reassured this Congolese community living in Burundi that he will discuss with his Burundian counterpart while hoping that lasting and effective solutions will be found being given that “the Burundian President is cooperative”. As for the problems that require his direct involvement as Head of State, he said that he has taken note and that he will intervene as soon as possible.

After his meeting with the Congolese community living in Burundi, President Tshisekedi and his Burundian counterpart visited a farm called “Life Way Company”, in Buringa in Gihanga commune (North-West of Burundi). This farm belongs to a private individual of Mr. Prosper Ndangamira and shelters about 800 cows.

The daily output of these cows varies between 1500 and 1600 liters of milk and some of them each produce an average of 30 to 35 liters of milk per day. That farm also produces cheese.

The owner of the farm is considering the construction of a technical school in which learners will benefit from knowledge in agro-pastoral matters.

That farm employs more than 120 people.

This visit continued at the organo-mineral fertilizer and agricultural lime manufacturing plant (FOMI) located northwest of the economic capital of Burundi. The two Presidents had explanations on its functioning, its importance on Burundi as well as in the region.

At Melchior Ndadaye International Airport, the Congolese Head of State and his Burundian counterpart gave an interview to the press during which they spoke about their impressions and assessments of this visit. President Tshisekedi thanked the Burundian President for his invitation and through him thanked the Burundian people for their warm welcome. He also said that during his stay in Burundi, he had the opportunity to go inside the country to see the step taken in certain areas such as agriculture. For him, what is being done in Burundi deserves to be watched and encouraged, he concluded.

His Burundian counterpart, for his part, appreciated this visit which has just cemented the good relations between Burundi and the DRC which were, even before, in good shape. He further indicated that the DRC has borne the historic pain of Burundi by hosting many Burundian refugees for decades.

It is for this reason, he mentioned, that Burundi is concerned about the instability in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That is how President Ndayishimiye encouraged his counterpart for the peace process he has already started and especially the path of negotiations he had already adopted. And to mention that Burundi has experience in the peace and reconciliation process and has promised Burundi’s contribution.