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The CNDD/FDD activists in Kayokwe prepare for the 2025 elections


May 17, 2022

MWARO May 16th (ABP) – The provincial secretary of the CNDD/FDD party (central-west of Burundi), Jean Désiré Ndayisenga held, on Thursday, May 12, a meeting to prepare the 2025 elections for the militants of the CNDD/FDD of Kayokwe commune.

In his welcoming speech, the secretary of this party in Kayokwe, Callixte Rwarukundo said that peace and security reign over all the hills that make up the said commune, adding that relations between CNDD/FDD party members and those of the other parties, are good.

Speaking, Provincial Secretary Ndayisenga recalled that since the 2005 elections until the 2020 elections, Kayokwe commune has always occupied 3rd place at the provincial level. He took this opportunity to challenge the activists to hurry up so that the town occupies the first place in the next elections. With regard to cooperatives, Mr. Ndayisenga asked that no member of the CNDD/FDD party be an obstacle to a person belonging to another party. He asked especially the party leagues as well as the party secretaries at the hill level to organize many possible meetings.