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Towards the holding of the Estates General of Education


May 10, 2022

BUJUMBURA May 9th (ABP) – The Cabinet meeting of Wednesday May 4, 2022 analyzed several points, in particular a note on the organization of the Estates General of Education, 2022 edition, presented by the Minister of National Education and Scientific Research.

Since 2010, the government of Burundi has undertaken a major reform of the education system, in particular through the establishment of the Fundamental School at the level of primary education and the BMD (Baccalaureate-Masters, Doctorate) reform at the level of education. superior.

These reforms were guided by the fact that the government was aware of the considerable role that education must play for the development of human capital in national planning. However, the development of that capital is dependent on education and training through a coherent education system adapted to the socio-economic realities of the country, to be able to influence the other pillars of development. Thus the National Development Plan 2018-2027 provides, in its axis 5, the strengthening of the education system and the improvement of the quality of education and the training offer to provide the country with qualified personnel. and competent that he will need in the other sectors of national life.

Any educational system must be constantly redesigned to promote an education which enables the individual to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes enabling him to understand his environment, to continue his education and training within society and to participate more actively to its economic, social and cultural development.

However, the Burundian education system is marked by the lack of motivation of the teaching staff and the poor quality of the services of certain teachers. Also, there is a fundamental problem which lies in the fact that the education and training system is segmented, without anchoring upstream and downstream with the economic and social sectors.

The States General of Education envisaged during the current exercise are likely to find possible solutions to the challenges identified above. They therefore reflect the commitment of the Government of Burundi to thoroughly rethink its education system in order to establish a foundation for achieving the medium- and long-term sustainable development of our country.

Its objective is to contribute to solving the identified problems that bog down the Burundian education system while proposing recovery strategies to establish the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the education sector at all levels. It should be noted that the last States General of Education date from December 2014.

After analysis, the Council of Ministers recognized the need for these states general and recommended to properly align the themes that will be addressed during these states general, to show the desired objective through the organization of these states general, to associate the unions in the preparation of these states general.

It also analyzed the draft decree on the missions, composition, organization and functioning of the geomatics centralization office, which was presented by the services of the Prime Minister. The geomatics centralization office was created in 2013 and its main mission is to coordinate all activities aimed at creating a National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Burundi, to consolidate and organize the exchange and dissemination of geographic information between all national, regional and international partners, producers and users. That decree was modified in order to comply with the new constitution of 2018, by placing the Geomatics Centralization Office under the supervision of the prime minister, because before, it was under the supervision of the 2nd of the vice-presidency of the Republic that no longer exists according to the new constitution.

The revision currently proposed will make it possible to put in this decree, in addition to the steering committee, the other complementary bodies in the implementation of the missions of the geomatics centralization office, namely, the geomatics technical committee, the national information system platform geographical. After discussion and debate, the project was adopted.

Finally, the Council of Ministers analyzed a note on the modifications made to the section Rond-Point Chanic (Pk 0+000) – Rond-Point Melchior Ndadaye International Airport in Bujumbura (Pk 5+300), presented by the Minister of Infrastructure, Equipment and Social Housing.

The purpose of the note was to provide clarifications on the various recommendations made by the Cabinet meeting of June 23, 2021 on a note describing the various changes made to the RN5 lot1 project, especially on the Rond-Point Chanic section (PK0+000) – Rond-Point Melchior Ndadaye International Airport in Bujumbura (PK5+300) in relation to the contract.

After analyzing the explanations of the Note, it emerged that the Development Plan for this road has certain shortcomings, but that the execution of the project complied with the tender documents. Those who prepared the tender dossier must be made to face up to their responsibilities and explain themselves because they have called into question the interests of the State. There was a lack of information to the hierarchy on the conclusions of the various meetings held with the company executing the project. The State must seek funding for the development of the gutters and the construction of the Mutimbuzi bridge which did not appear in the terms of reference to bring it up to the norms and standards of the roadway. The company carrying out the project must put visible beacons between the roadway and the cycle and pedestrian paths on both sides.

The measure suspending payment of invoices to the company that built the road should be lifted and the road must be opened for traffic because it is this traffic that will allow the detection of certain defects in this road. The council also recommended prohibiting the exploitation of the fields alongside this road because the blocking of the gutters for the purpose of irrigating these fields will contribute to its deterioration. By the council mentioned that major projects should be previously submitted to the Government for validation.