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Working in cooperatives is a potential for rapid development


Apr 30, 2022

KARUSI April 29th (ABP) – CNDD-FDD party provincial secretary, Médard Mbanzabahizi said on Tuesday April 26 that unity is strength and work in cooperatives is a pillar of development. He participated alongside members of the Vaso cooperative in the weeding of their Soybean field on an area of ​​4 ha located at Nyamugari Buhiga village.

The joint work allows a remarkable performance following an easy supervision announced the provincial secretary of the CNDD-FDD party.

In the agricultural field, the acquisition of selected seeds, organic and artificial manure also becomes easy. Good conservation and management of harvests are learned and followed, he articulated.

The leaders of the cooperatives direct the members with regard to the use of income and the organization of work deprives all forms of delinquency to the members, he concluded by calling on the active people to join all in the cooperatives.