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A technique to increase cassava production


May 10, 2022

MAKAMBA May 9th (ABP) – A cassava farmer at Kabo village in Nyanza-Lac commune, Makamba province (southern Burundi), Mr. Onésime Nsengiyumva advises people to cultivate cassava in pits to increase production.

Mr. Nsengiyumva says the one-meter cutting is put in a pit one meter long and 80cm deep. Before putting the cutting in, the farmer puts straw 60 cm thick before putting cultivable soil 5 cm thick, manure 5 cm thick, then put cutting in a lying position and finally fill the pit with cultivable land.

Mr. Nsengiyumva said that after budding, only the buds at the end are left

According to Mr. Nsengiyumva, with that method you can combine other crops in a cassava field because you leave a distance of 5 to 6 m between the pockets.