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COMIBU provides food aid to the poor and the elderly


Apr 30, 2022

KAYANZA April 29th (ABP) – The Islamic Community of Burundi (COMIBU) via the NGO “International humanitarian relief organization” granted food aid on Wednesday to 1,375 poor people in the commune and province of Kayanza (north of Burundi). The beneficiaries each received ten kilos of rice, 5 kg of corn flour, four kg of beans, one kg of salt and one kg of cottonseed oil, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his speech for the occasion, the representative of COMIBU in Kayanza province, Sheikh Zubeli Matsitsi, indicated that the objective of this gesture is communion between people so that the poor, too, can have something to put under the tooth at this time of fasting. “We have assisted the vulnerable without taking into account their religious denominations or their respective entities,” he said, inviting other denominations to develop this culture as recommended by the Almighty.

Speaking in turn, the governor of Kayanza province, Colonel Rémy Cishahayo who enhanced this activity with his presence, welcomed the help especially that, for him, those who benefited from this assistance are mainly elderly people. and the poor. “What we liked a lot is that the Islamic community did not take into account religious denominations or ethnic groups”, stressing that it was a habit that only Muslims benefited from it. For Governor Cishahayo, other religious denominations must follow suit by accompanying the faith with works of charity.

The same provincial authority took the opportunity to call on religious denominations to support the government by granting assistance to the vulnerable and the elderly, especially since it is already concerned about that category of people.

On the side of the beneficiaries, it was a feeling of satisfaction. They said that this aid came at the right time and that it will allow them to reach the harvest in their fields because it is consistent.