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Members of the scout movement are called on to participate in national development works


Apr 28, 2022

CANKUZO April 28th (ABP) – Members of the scout movement are called upon to be exemplary in the development of the movement and the country. That Appeal was launched on Saturday April 22, 2022, by the representative of the young people within that movement Mr. Josias Karenga, during the celebration of the feast dedicated to Saint George, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

During that festival celebrated under the theme: “the scout movement, source of light for youth”, Mr. Karenga indicated that the reasons for choosing this province is to inspire it to celebrate this festival which it had never celebrated. That representative of young people at the national level within that movement of Catholic action indicated that the scout movement is concerned with the activities of its own development and that of the country.

To do that, this youth leader said that many training courses related to social mutual aid, love, environmental protection as well as self-development projects are provided.

Those young people, as scouts, are called upon to put into practice the intellectual achievements in order to serve as an example to the rest of the population, to development.

As Saint George died under the order of the king at the time for doing evangelism coupled with intervention to help the vulnerable population, the members of this movement were called to be righteous servants of God.

On that day, a session of award-winning contests of movement badges worth 4000 each was organized. Note that the ceremonies began with a mass of thanksgiving which was celebrated at Cankuzo parish.