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Raising awareness of the missions, operation, achievements and future prospects of the Rundi Academy


Apr 25, 2022

BUJUMBURA April 25th (ABP) – The Executive Secretary of the Rundi Academy at the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research, Mr. Clément Bigirimana, opened on Wednesday April 20, a two-day awareness workshop on the missions, operation, achievements and future prospects of the Rundi Academy.

Mr. Bigirimana said that the objective of this workshop is to inform the public and especially the media, on the missions, operation and achievements of the Rundi academy. He indicated that the main mission is to monitor the execution of the national language policy, the use of languages ​​in all areas to see if the language policy is strictly followed as defined by law. It is also the validation of the appropriate technology, the making of the dictionary, the promotion of writing and reading in Kirundi, the translation of foreign documents into the national language so that the whole population can have access to useful documentation and essential for their development and the multiplication of works in Kirundi.

The executive secretary of the Rundi Academy also pointed out the problems that hinder the realization of that action. He cited the lack of proper terminology and researchers that will be applied in those confections. He specified that it is necessary to identify or list all the usual words in the national language to give the meaning to denote or connote to such and such a word according to the model of use.

In addition, he said, the making of the dictionary does not only require academics, but also people who come from all sectors of life in the country, which is why there is a problem of knowing people. resources that must provide all terminologies so that the Rundi Academy can be validated.