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Open day at the Center for Legal Studies and Documentation


Apr 25, 2022

BUJUMBURA April 25th (ABP) – The assistant to the Minister of Justice, Mrs. Gaudence Nasasagare, proceeded on April 22, 2022, to the opening of the open day of the center for legal studies and documentation (CEDJ), for the official presentation of the 3rd edition of the codes and laws of Burundi and the national launch of the 4th edition.

In her speech, Mrs. Nasasagare recalled that since its creation in 2004, the CEDJ’s mission has been to publish all legislative and regulatory texts and to ensure better dissemination and discussion of the law while contributing to the supply of the public treasury.

To that end, she added that the missions of the CEDJ are in line with the objectives set by the Ministry of Justice through the sectoral strategy 2021-2027 and the annual action plan. She indicated that the CEDJ must participate in improving access to judicial services, in particular through the production and regular publication of normative texts and produce, in June 2023, the 4th edition of codes and laws.

Taking the floor, the director of the CEDJ, Mr. Cyprien Bigirimana recalled some of the missions of the CEDJ. Those include the dissemination of laws and regulations, the carrying out of work to regularly update the codes and laws of Burundi, the carrying out of any legal study with a view to the promotion of law as well as the management of the libraries of the Ministry of justice and printing.

On that occasion, he specified that the CEDJ makes its publications available to the public. These include the official bulletin of Burundi, a searchable regulatory and legislative database on the Internet that can be consulted from anywhere in the world.

Finally, Mr. Bigirimana urged that the CEDJ needs the support of the government via the Ministry of Justice and its former technical and financial partners, stressing that several areas are not sufficiently exploited for lack of means.