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Migera and Ramba zones are affected by climate change


Apr 16, 2022

BUJUMBURA April 16th (ABP) – The Migera and Ramba zones in Kabezi commune, Bujumbura province (western Burundi), are frequently hit by landslides with the consequences of the demolition of houses, ravines and damaged crops on large areas, which leaves the victims in great precariousness, a check by ABP got informed on Friday April 15 after paying a visit to Migera village, Ceri sub-village in Ramba zone and to Kiremba village and sub-village of Ramba zone.

The inhabitants of those localities confided to the check by ABP that they have just been affected by a disaster on March 28 and 29 and so far they have not received any assistance.

In Migera village, Ceri sub-village, this landslide damaged about 60 hectares of various crops (maize, sweet potatoes, cassava and others) and 10 houses are currently at risk of collapsing, they continued to say.

In the Kiremba village and sub-village, 35 hectares of crops were damaged and 16 houses were affected, including 14 cracked and 2 houses completely destroyed.

For the moment, the victims are hosted by the neighbors in an incredible impoverishment and ask to be assisted.

The current state of the area in the grip of landslides deserves special attention and a relocation of inhabitants from the area at risk to preserve the life of the people, an administrative officer who requested anonymity told the check by ABP. Note that the grassroots administrative officials affirm that a team formed by the civil protection officer in Bujumbura province, the communal administrator of Kabezi, Mrs. Espérance Habonimana, and an agent of the red cross of Burundi in Kabezi made the observation on the field and identified the damage in the promise to seek assistance for the people affected by that weather variation.