• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Torrential rain has caused serious damage


Apr 13, 2022

NGOZI Apr 13th (ABP) – The torrential rain mixed with hail and strong wind caused serious damage in the province of Ngozi last week. According to the reports transmitted by the district platforms for disaster risk prevention and management, three districts were the most affected.

In Ngozi commune, the Mwungere village in the Mivo zone was affected. Various crops such as bananas, beans, cassava and vegetable and fruit crops were severely damaged by hail. One could still see mounds of hail on some hills. In Gashikanwa, the Cohonda and Rwazingwe hills saw their crop fields damaged.

In Marangara, many houses have their roofs blown away. The administrator of that commune mentions significant crop losses on the hills and in the marshes.

The provincial disaster risk prevention and management platform has already taken up the matter and intends to seek assistance from the province’s technical and financial partners. The communities are however invited to social support while waiting for assistance.