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The new electronic money transfer and withdrawal system, SAMA Money, has come


Apr 14, 2022

BUJUMBURA April 14th (ABP) – The reception officer at the central office of SAMA Money, Mrs. Nadia Inamahoro, revealed on Tuesday April 12, 2022 to a check by ABP that SAMA Money is spread throughout the territory of Burundi and that it offers facilities to users.

According to Mrs. Inamahoro, the system does not have an appropriate telephone number but uses the numbers of Econet Leo, Lumitel, Onamob and Smart which are used in communication in Burundi.

She indicated that this money transfer system is in partnership with FENACOBU, BCB and the Post Office. It will soon open the system, SAMA PAY, making it easier for customers to pay water bills as well as the purchase of electricity airtime and the payment of goods.

If it happens that one makes a mistake when transferring or withdrawing money, a SAMA Money customer or agent is asked to send a message on the WhatsApp application to the number 67620000 of the SAMA Money call center so that the call center agent intervenes in the resolution of the problem immediately.