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Grassroots administrative officials are urged to work for the development of people


Apr 7, 2022

MUYINGA, Apr 5 (ABP) – The governor of Muyinga province (northeastern Burundi), Mr. Jean Claude Barutwanayo, orders zone and village leaders to transform themselves in order to tackle development for positive change in the living conditions of their constituents.

Governor Barutwanayo gave such an instruction to those grassroots administrative officials during an awareness campaign for them, which he leads in all the communes to invite them to change their way of working to really save their people from the situation of poverty.

His concern is to see, under the impetus of the village leaders, a substantial change in the way of life of the people. “You must do everything possible to get the people to work for development. “Don’t leave your respective villages at the end of your mandate as you found them”, he recommended. In that tour, he reminds the village leaders that they are accountable to the people who elected them.

Responding to the concerns of grassroots administrative officials about the inequitable distribution of Brarudi drinks, in bars, hotel-restaurants, he urged those officials to be operational to correct those imbalances. The same is true for respecting the price of sugar and BUCECO cement. “It is not up to the provincial governor to intervene to regulate the prices of strategic products. This is the task of the communal administration,” he said.

Zone and village leaders are also invited to enforce hygiene in drinking establishments and restaurants to protect the health of consumers. “Close bars and restaurants without toilets and handwashing devices,” he recommended.