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The NGOs working in Muyinga are called upon to carry out their projects and programs in accordance with the CNPS


Apr 4, 2022

MUYINGA April 4th (ABP) – The Administrative and Financial Director, at the Permanent Executive Secretariat of the National Social Protection Commission (SEP-CNPS), Mr. Désire Niyiburana, held on Tuesday, March 28, 2022, an evaluation meeting achievements of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), working in Muyinga province (north-east of Burundi), towards the leaders of those NGOs. That evaluation concerned the sector of social protection as recommended by the National Commission for Social Protection.

During that meeting, the leaders of these NGOs are called upon to carry out their projects or programs with due regard for social protection, as they promised when they were accredited. Mr. Niyiburana, on that occasion, exhorted the personnel of those organizations to always work for the good of the population, to develop the latter instead of closing the projects by leaving them in the same situation as they lived before the arrival of those NGOs. He also winked at employers who do not insure their staff with the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) or a health mutual, to change that way of doing things under penalty of being sanctioned.