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Representatives of political parties are called upon to set up a modern field


Mar 24, 2022

GITEGA March 24th (ABP) – The governor of Gitega province (central Burundi) Venant Manirambona, accompanied by the administrator of Gitega commune Dr Jacques Nduwimana, met on Tuesday March 22, 2022 in the premises of Gitega commune, representatives of political parties working in that province and communal administrative officials to discuss the state of relations between political parties, their members and the administration. It was also an opportunity to discuss the role of political parties in maintaining sustainable development.

In his speech, the governor of Gitega province, Mr. Venant Manirambona said that the provincial administration is delighted with the way the political parties working in Gitega cohabit peacefully and the relations they maintain with the provincial administration. Based on this, Governor Manirambona invited them to contribute enormously in the implementation of government policy by sensitizing the people to go about development work to improve production.

The governor of Gitega province also called on the representatives of political parties to be good examples towards their activists, by teaming up in their diversities to set up a modern and exemplary field. The governor informed them that the provincial administration will provide them with land, once those representatives of the political parties agree. He also called on them to set up a WhatsApp group to strengthen their exchanges.

To bet on this, the representatives of the political parties present in that meeting have set up a steering committee composed of representatives of the CNDD-FDD, CNL, UPRONA and RANAC parties to analyze the feasibility of that project.

The administrator of Gitega commune reported that in his commune, representatives of political parties have already formed an association where they participate together in development work and collective games organized by that association.

As for the participants, Célestin Ndayisenga who represented the Uprona party in Giheta commune praised the relations that characterize the political parties working in Gitega province and their militants even if it happens that sometimes the members of the Uprona party quarrel with those of the other parties. According to him, the administration of that commune quickly finds solutions that are admirable for all parties. They also asked the governor of the province of Gitega to make available a place where they can meet after the development works during the exchanges.