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The secretary general of the ruling party has visited Cankuzo


Mar 24, 2022

CANKUZO March 24th (ABP) – The Secretary General of the CNDD-FDD party, Mr. Réverien Ndikuriyo, has met since Monday, March 21, 2022, the representatives of that party at the village levels and the administrative officials from that party in Cankuzo province, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

On the first day of his visit, Mr. Ndikuriyo met the representatives of that party at the village levels and the administrative officials from the CNDD-FDD party in Mishiha and Kigamba communes.

The provincial secretary of the party, Mr. Réverien Ndugi, indicated that the Bagumyabanga of that province are active. He asked the secretary general of the party to come and open, in April, the offices of that party under construction at the communal level and launch the construction activities of the provincial office planned for the same month.

As for the integration of other members, Mr. Ndugi revealed that 107 new members were recently welcomed in Kigamba commune.

The secretary general of the ruling party thanked the activists of the party for the good relations with the people of Tanzania. He called on them to have a humble and modest spirit to serve as good examples to the rest of the population.

According to Mr. Ndikuriyo, the politics of the party must have its foundation in the legacy of the late President Nkurunziza.

He urged the militants of the party to go about work of family and public interest, stressing that they must be employees and employers. He also called on them to ensure the keeping of peace and security. To the leaders of the party, they are appealed to be peacemakers in the community. He did not forget to congratulate Cankuzo province for the fight against Covid 19 until 0 cases.

On the second day of his visit to that province, the secretary general of the CNDD-FDD party met the leaders of the party and the village leaders from that party in the communes of Cendajuru and Gisagara where he indicated that the party belongs to all the Bagumyabanga and not to a single individual.

Mr. Ndikuriyo said he was satisfied with the good relations between Burundi and the United Republic of Tanzania. He invited the participants in those meetings to sensitize the rest of the Bagumyabanga to go about development work and avoid wasting the harvest, but also not to engage in prostitution, drunkenness and any other debauchery.

He also recalled that the President of the Republic of Burundi spares no effort for the promotion of the agricultural sector, giving the example of the increase in the price of the kg of maize throughout the Burundian territory up to 800 BIF. Moreover, he insisted, all party activists must think of projects that can contribute to the recovery of their way of life without forgetting environmental protection.

Returning to the responsibility of a leader, Mr. Ndikuriyo pointed out that he/she must be concerned about the peace and security of all. Hence, he invited the leaders to vigilance, to the fight against corruption and fraud as well as to mutual assistance and patriotic spirit. He finally reminded the participants in the meeting that they must respect Burundi, the Burundian and the laws of the country.