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The measure on the delimitation of the perimeter of circulation of tricycles, motorcycles and bicycles has been respected in Bujumbura


Mar 22, 2022

BUJUMBURA March 22nd (ABP) – The measure recently taken by the Minister of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security aimed at delimiting the perimeter of circulation of tricycles (Tuk tuk), motorcycles and bicycles in the Bujumbura City has been respected.

In the places visited on Monday March 21, 2022, no tricycle, motorcycle or bicycle was authorized to exceed that perimeter, except for motorcycles which bore government plates, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

To the south of the capital, in Kanyosha, the perimeter not to be exceeded is the bridge connecting that zone and the Musaga zone located on the Kanyosha River on the Rumonge road very close to the junior seminary and the bridge over the same river which separates the two neighborhoods at 12th Avenue.

The check by ABP found that none of those means of transport were authorized to pass those spaces. There was the almost total absence of tricycles.

People were carrying food, beer crates and other items on their heads.

In Kanyosha, at bus stops, a high concentration of people who were desperately waiting for buses was observed while others, mainly pupils and students, walked on foot.

Those perimeters were rigorously controlled by national police officers.

Note that the application of that measure comes after the expiry of the one-week grace period.