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Ambassador Vestine Nahimana has just been elected the CNC chairperson


Mar 10, 2022

BUJUMBURA March 10th (ABP) – The executive bureau of the National Media Council (CNC), met on Wednesday March 9, 2022, to elect the CNC chairperson, replacing Ambassador Willy Nyamitwe who was appointed in other functions as Ambassador of Burundi to Ethiopia in Addis Ababa, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

During that meeting, Ambassador Vestine Nahimana was elected president of the CNC with 12 votes out of 12. After the elections, she thanked the executive office for having taken the commendable act of granting her all the votes without any exception, pointing out that it is a sign that shows that we are going to a good collaboration.

The new CNC chairperson has indicated that she has the regulatory mission. She will ensure that the management is really collegial and that the activities they will carry out will have to be consensual because we will work in a tight, calm and professional climate.

Mrs. Nahimana said that this is her second time coming to work in the national communication council, noting that she is coming back with her family.

She clarified that she will continue to live with the family of media and journalists with whom she has a lot of experience, moreover, she said, they must therefore lead a common struggle to change the world.

According to the CNC chairperson, the media are considered as a tool which can be used to build and which can be used to destroy. She also wants to build a better world, to use this tool in a positive way starting with the CNC, to extend to the respective media houses and finally our country will have to benefit from this tool to make a positive change. She reiterated the wish to move forward that it is both internal and external. She also promised that they will work together in the general interest of the nation.

At the end of that meeting, we attended the handover and resumption between the incoming CNC chairperson, Mrs. Vestine Nahimana and the vice chairperson, Laurent Kaganda who was acting as the CNC chairperson. The latter gave documents from the institution to the new president, showing her the step already taken and the files in progress. He further told his successor about the problems with electricity, water and the replacement of staff who left to work elsewhere.