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The governor of Mwaro province continues field trips in different communes


Mar 7, 2022

MWARO March 4th (ABP) – The governor of Mwaro province (center-west of Burundi), Colonel Gaspard Gasanzwe in the company of the president of the high court and the public prosecutor of that province carried out on Wednesday March 2 his field trip in Bisoro commune where he spoke with the inhabitants of the Kanka zone. Land and social conflicts are of great concern to the people.

In his welcoming speech, the communal administrator of Bisoro, Mr. Diomède Ntangamajeri asked the people to express their grievances calmly and without exaggeration, without forgetting the issues related to development.

Before welcoming the questions of the population, the president of the high court of Mwaro, Mr. Thomas Ntukamazina began by explaining the stages in relation to the judgments from the court of residence to the supreme court.

As for the questions asked, he gave answers and clarifications and the population in place was satisfied. To close his speeches, he called on the population of the Kanka zone to convert and respect justice, alluding to Ash Wednesday, the day that calls us to convert and believe in the good news.

The Governor of Mwaro, Colonel Gaspard Gasanzwe warmly thanked the people who participated in the interview and asked them not to waste time on legal cases and instead focus on development activities.