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The media are called to raise public awareness of the role of women in sustainable development


Mar 1, 2022

BUJUMBURA February 28th (ABP) – The Director of UN Women for Southern and Eastern Africa, Mr. Houinato Maxime hosted, on Friday February 25, 2020, a press conference to express his mission through the UN Women in Burundi.

In his speech, Mr. Houinato recalled that he came to Burundi to support the office of UN Women in Burundi which marked an important partnership with the various components of Burundian associations in the sense of increasing the progress made by the Burundi on Gender and Women’s Empowerment.

He cited some progress that has been made including the political participation of women, the integration of women in decision-making and the increase in women’s income and economic activity.

Director Houinato pointed out that the country has made progress in combating violence against women and girls. He also added that the national plan that Burundi has made for the involvement of women in peace and security processes in the country has seen a success and a good start in its implementation.

During his trip to Burundi, Mr. Maxime indicated that with the partners of UN Women in Burundi, they are interested in the question of the young girl who must become the woman of tomorrow. They also analyzed issues relating to the future of women on the future, the negotiations of relations with men at the level of education.

In addition, he added, they met with women religious leaders to find out their place in the development of the country.

He urged the media to sensitize society on the role of women in sustainable development, stating that the press must play the role of leader and transformation of society through the production of articles.

He thanked the partners of UN Women for a great step they have taken in the development of women’s rights and in the fight against gender-based violence.