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The Hope Africa University, a pioneer in new practices in higher education, according to Dr Barantota


Feb 22, 2022

BUJUMBURA February 21st (ABP) – The Director of the Hope Africa University (UEA), Dr. Victor Barantota, hosted on Friday, February 18th 2022, a press conference on the achievements of UEA since 2000.

On that occasion, Dr. Barantota said that UEA opened its doors on February 6th 2000 in Kenya, with the ultimate educational goal of providing Christian higher education that leads students to the integration of faith and learning development of human dynamics.

Indeed, since its establishment in Burundi, the UEA has undergone spectacular development and has organized programs at the level of higher professional studies, Bachelor’s degree and Master in 6 faculties.

To properly accomplish its mission and provide quality education, Dr. Barantota stressed that the UEA has acquired the means to match its ambitions. Those include internship grounds, premises, laboratories, library, free access to the internet as well as water and electricity supply.

He added that UEA has already released more than 8000 graduates and is highly competitive nationally and internationally. The director of the UEA affirmed that that university is characterized by a good organization which is constituted by the rigorous respect for the BMD system whose most important elements are the semestrialization and the system of credits.

To that end, he recalled that this university was created with the objective of giving the opportunity to Burundians and other people of the sub-region to access higher education. He took that opportunity to say that UEA is a pioneer in new practices in higher education.

Alongside its achievements, UEA continues to project itself into the future. He cited plans to increase infrastructure on the Ngagara campus, the development of the Mont Espoir and Gishingano campuses and to set up other training programs at the level of professional higher education at the Baccalaureate, Masters and Doctorate levels.

In the field of agriculture and livestock, Dr. Barantota said that they are working to set up several other sectors in order to lead to the creation of a school of agriculture and livestock.

He did not forget to commend the collaboration and support enjoyed by the UEA from the legal representation and the board of directors.