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The public conference goes on in the urban commune of Ntahangwa


Feb 15, 2022

BUJUMBURA February 14th (ABP) – The Mayor of the city of Bujumbura, Jimmy Hatungimana hosted on Thursday, February 10, 2022, a public conference for the people of the urban commune of Ntahangwa, for the areas of Cibitoke, Buterere, Ngagara.

The inhabitants of the Mubone district of the Buterere zone, deplored the lack of road infrastructure, electricity, schools and health facilities.

The mayor of the city revealed that there is a project to provide that district with roads, and electricity as is the case for other districts of the Bujumbura City Council. Concerning the health sector, he promised that he will contact the provincial doctor to see if we can transform the infrastructures which were used in the time of offices of the commune Mutimbuzi, in infrastructures of care.

The inhabitants of the Ngagara zone pointed out the dilapidation of the basic schools in need of rehabilitation and the very high number of pupils in those schools at a time when the teaching materials are insufficient.

View of the participants

Mr. Hatungimana responded by saying that the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research is working to address these grievances. He took this opportunity to invite the natives of the different districts of the Bujumbura City Council, to get involved in the mobilization of funds to build schools upstairs in order to gain space and make up for other shortcomings. The City Council will give its contribution, he promised.

The inhabitants of the Buterere area (Mugaruro district), close to the water treatment plant, said that they were threatened by a bad smell given off by rubbish, explaining that the landfill area was overflowing and that the associations in charge of collecting this waste from the different neighborhoods throw it very close to the households of the surrounding people.

Mr. Hatungimana said that the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has already prepared another landfill area in Kididaguzo in Bubanza province. In that same context, he indicated that the houses built very close to the Buterere landfill area will be destroyed, arguing that it is a State area.

For the cases of land disputes and other files in the justice system, he recommended that those concerned register with the legal adviser of the town hall of Bujumbura to help them follow up on their files.

For the administrators of Ntahangwa commune accused of maintaining cohabitation or separation of couples, the mayor of the city decided to send a commission of inquiry on the ground for the administrative officials pointed out. An administrative who is guilty will be sacked, he noted.

The Mayor of the city also invited the people of Ntahangwa commune to continue vaccination against measles and rubella coupled with mother and child health. Indeed, underlined Mr. Hatungimana, the Ministry in charge of health has seen fit to continue this campaign in the urban commune of Ntahangwa, because it showed a low participation rate compared to other urban communes.