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The Ministry of Agriculture is called on to set up a company bringing together the rice farmers of Ruvubu like the SRDI


Feb 11, 2022

KAYANZA February 10th (ABP) – Officials from the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, representatives of the Imbo Regional Development Company (SRDI) and the director of the provincial office of environment, agriculture and livestock in Kayanza, Mr. Adelin Niyonsaba, went on Tuesday to the Ruvubu hydro-agricultural marsh, near Muhanga commune in Kayanza province (north) in order to raise awareness rice farmers exploiting this marsh on rice farming techniques and good practices, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The first meeting concerned the rice farmers exploiting the 2nd and 3rd perimeters of the Ruvubu hydro-agricultural marsh while the second meeting saw the presence of the operators of the first perimeter of this marsh.

                                                                   View of the rice farmers who participated in the meeting

In his speech, the adviser to the governor of Kayanza in charge of development, Mr. Vénuste Nduwimana, recalled that the developed marsh of Ruvubu extends over more than 770 hectares and that it is over a length of 17km, where he asked that the administration and the technical services work in synergy. For this swamp to really benefit the population of Kayanza and that of the whole country in general, he proposed to the ministry in charge of agriculture to set up a company responsible for regularly monitoring this swamp like the SRDI. and this, in order to allow the said marsh to become in the future the attic of rice cultivation.

On behalf of the Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Médard Ndayikengurukiye, Director of the Promotion of the Agricultural Sector clarified that rice cultivation requires more effort and activities and benefited from it. to urge the operators of the Ruvubu marsh to group together in cooperatives in order to have fertilizers, seeds and phytosanitary products easily and in real time.

Note that the technicians from the SRDI presented the techniques and rice-growing activities necessary from the installation of the rice seed germinators to the harvest.