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The Ntabariza association pleads for the release of prisoners who have benefited from the presidential pardon


Feb 3, 2022

NGOZI February 2nd (ABP) – The legal representative of the association for the defense of the rights of prisoners Ntabariza deplores the attitude of certain prosecutors who are dragging their feet in the application of the presidential pardon granted on December 31, 2021 to detainees who have not committed serious offences.

During a press conference on Sunday January 30, 2022 in Ngozi, Jean Marie Nshimirimana said that according to that pardon from the Head of State, 7,000 detainees must leave prison houses to return to their families. He claimed to have visited the various prison houses and found an insignificant number of detainees released within the framework of the application of this measure.

Jean Marie Nshimirimana also specified that the Ntabariza association could not be worried after having noted that of the 5,000 detainees affected by the presidential pardon last year, only 2,700 have been released. The legal representative of Ntabariza is also concerned about the non-respect of the time limits for police custody which go beyond even a month when they are at most 14 days. He requested the intervention of the Minister of Justice so that the situation could change. He also hoped that they be appointed prosecutors with a human sense and that the incompetent and corrupt are quickly dismissed.

Regarding concerns that crimes and petty offenses can proliferate without fear of incarceration, J. Marie Nshimirimana called on Burundians to cultivate good human values ​​and break with cheating and other unhealthy behaviors. Finally, he reassured the prisoners that the association will follow the question of relaxation closely and that it will publish at the end of February actual figures on the number of prisoners released within the framework of the application of the grace of the Head of State. Jean Marie Nshimirimana also wanted to make it known that Ntabariza intends, in collaboration with the media, to continue awareness sessions for released prisoners and host communities on good social cohesion in compliance with the standards and laws in force in Burundi.