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The Ministry in charge of education has suspended the organization of the test for teachers in favor of dialogue with those concerned


Jan 20, 2022

BUJUMBURA January 20th (ABP) – The technical adviser in the National Social Dialogue Committee (CNDS) Mr. Parfait Mperabagenzi, proceeded on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, to the reading of a joint statement from the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research and teachers’ unions affiliated to the Special Coalition of Teachers’ Unions for National Solidarity (COSESONA).

In that declaration, it is specified that following the conflicts which remain between the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research and the unions of teachers affiliated with (COSESONA) which relate to the organization of a professional development test for teachers and salary policy, the CNDS, as a conflict management body, intervened.

                                                            The CNDS chairman (Right), with the one who represented the ministry of education and the coalition

During its intervention, the CNDS invited the two parties to sit down together with the aim of engaging in a dialogue on the conflict in question so that the two parties in conflict can agree.

During the exchanges, Mr. Mperabagenzi indicated that the ministry in charge of education has agreed to suspend the organization of the test to detect the strengths and weaknesses of each teacher by subject, pending the conclusions of the negotiations which will be carried out under the mediation of the CNDS, he explained.

On behalf of COSESONA, the technical adviser within the CNDS indicated that following the commitments of the ministry in charge of educational issues, this coalition agreed to stop triggering a strike movement, to create a favorable climate for negotiations.

He also indicated that all those parties agreed to lead signatures for this declaration in order to reach a solution to the problems posed.

With regard to the issue of wage policy which was raised by this coalition, Mr. Mperabagenzi pointed out that the national social dialogue committee is committed to conducting dialogue with the partners concerned by this issue, in particular the government and COSESONA, for the implementation of what has been agreed

Note that the signatories are among others Sylvestre Ntibantunganya, main mediator and president of the CNDS, the Minister in charge of education Prof. François Havyarimana as well as the President of COSESONA Mr. Victor Ndabaniwe.