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The governor of Kayanza province collects the grievances from people of Kabarore


Jan 7, 2022

KAYANZA January 7th (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza province (northern Burundi), Colonel Rémy Cishahayo, accompanied by various officials of the provincial services and the public prosecutor at the Ngozi court of appeal, organized a meeting on Wednesday to exchange with the people from Kabarore commune.

The meeting aimed at receiving their complaints in order to find lasting solutions, a check in Kabarore by ABP has revealed.

In that exchange meeting, the grievances submitted to the governor of Kayanza are mainly related to land conflicts, family, mining properties whose owners have not received compensation, unpaid debts, pending or rendered judgments but without being executed.

Regarding family disputes, land disputes as well as judgments rendered but unenforced, the public prosecutor at the Ngozi appeals court has promised that the Ngozi general prosecutor’s office will look into them shortly.

                                                                       View of those expressing their grievances

Regarding debts, some of the employees of the company extracting minerals in Kabarore commune called – Comptoirs miniers des extractions au Burundi – (Mining counters of extractions in Burundi: COMEBU) reproached a certain Déo Ndurenga for employing them without ever giving them a salary. The latter is now an inmate of Ngozi prison for having been involved in the fraud of minerals belonging to the company which hired him.

Reacting to that issue, the governor of Kayanza proposed to the attorney general at the Ngozi appeals court to take the issue in hand so that those concerned are restored to their rights. There have also been questions from people who say their properties have been occupied by the mining company without ever receiving compensation. Here, Governor Cishahayo has promised to set up a commission in charge of studying that case so that everyone’s rights are respected.

The same person high in authority in Kayanza took the opportunity to ask the inhabitants of Kabarore to maintain peace and tighten security, especially as that commune borders Rwanda, in order to fight against fraud and corruption with all energy, not to be confused by rumors circulating on social media and inform their leaders whenever it comes to the confusing items.

On that occasion, the adviser to the governor of Kayanza made public the telephone numbers of the members of the office of the governor of Kayanza, those of the communal administrators as well as those of the zone leaders of the whole province.

The residents of Kabarore that the check by ABP contacted, commended the initiative of the governor of Kayanza to let them express their grievances and asked the provincial authority to continue in the same vein for the benefit of the country and its citizens.