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The rice seedling transplanting campaign has been launched in the Ruvubu hydro-agricultural swamp


Jan 6, 2022

KAYANZA January 6th (ABP) – The operators of the Ruvubu hydro-agricultural swamp, near Muhanga commune in Kayanza province (northern Burundi), who are reluctant to develop their rice fields, will have their fields withdrawn to be distributed to cooperatives that are able to exploit them.

That statement was made on Tuesday by the director of the promotion of agricultural sectors, Mr. Médard Ndayikengurukiye, during the launching activities of the rice seedling transplanting campaign in the Ruvubu hydro-agricultural swamp, next to Muhanga commune. The activities saw the presence of Chinese experts as well as administrative and agricultural authorities at both the provincial and communal levels of Muhanga, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Activities began in the 50 hectares of the perimeter supported technically and with agricultural inputs by Chinese experts. This is when rice farmers exploiting over 500 ha in the same swamp benefited from the rice seedlings.

In his opening speech, the adviser to the governor in charge of development, Mr. Vénuste Nduwimana, deplored the fact that some rice farmers in Ruvubu are reluctant to develop their rice fields, hence he invited them to take ownership of rice-growing activities in order to continue to increase yields.

On his part, the director of the promotion of rice sectors within the ministry responsible for Agriculture, Mr. Médard Ndayikengurukiye, specified that the rice farmers not carrying out properly the rice-growing activities from plowing to weeding will soon have their plots of land withdrawn to be distributed to cooperatives that are able to exploit them properly.

To that end, he asked the village leaders and agricultural monitors of the hills overlooking the Ruvubu swamp to provide weekly reports to the provincial director of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, with a view to always being aware of the rice seed growth state. He also invited the technical services at the level of Kayanza province to set a calendar of all rice-growing activities for their smooth operation.