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People from Rango commune are appealed to increase production


Jan 3, 2022

KAYANZA December 3rd (ABP) – The people of Rango commune in Kayanza province (north) are called upon to implement the recommendations made to them by their representatives in various sectors, with a view to increasing production.

That appeal was made to them on Thursday, December 30, 2021, by the communal administrator of Rango, Mr. Déus Babahokubwayo, at the end of the launching activities of the harvest campaign of hybrid maize sown in block, for the first time in the Kanyemvuvyi swamp covering more than 25 hectares, a check by revealed.

Rango commune is the only one of the nine communes in the province where people exploiting the swamps have not, until now, pooled their plots of land for the practice of block farming.

Thursday was an exceptional day for 1,800 users of the Kanyemvuvyi swamp, because they had arranged to meet in order to harvest the hybrid maize sown there in block for the first time.

The users of those swamps contacted on the site, expressed a feeling of satisfaction, while testifying that, previously, they had difficulty understanding the orientation of the policy of pooling plots of land for block agriculture.

                                                                                                                                                                View of the maize in the Kanyemvuvyi swamp

By way of illustration, a certain Noël Nshimirimana, from Rama village, specified that he only harvested 20 kilos of maize kernels, and that this time, he expects a production of around 250 kilos of maize kernels.

Same story for Médiatrice Ndayisaba, from Gitibu village, who told the check by ABP that current production has significantly increased due to the fact that, in the past, she only harvested what to consume in a week, while that of today will exceed a whole month.

On their part, Mr. Bède Ndayizeye, communal agronomist and communal administrator Mr. Babahokubwayo, specified that it was quite difficult to convince people to pool their fields, with a view to the practice of agriculture in block.

However, they said they were satisfied with the way in which people have gradually understood the importance of that orientation of the Burundi government.

The Rango communal agronomist asked the communal administration to be at their side, especially in raising awareness among the people, while the communal administrator, on his part, asked his people to implement the injunctions from their leaders and to be the first to practice block farming especially since the latter will extend over all the hills of Rango commune.

It is worthy to note that the project of pooling plots of land for block farming was also carried out, for the first time, in the swamps of Nkokoma and Kagezi, all located in Rango commune.