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new CNJB bodies have been set up


Dec 28, 2021

BUJUMBURA December 28th (ABP) – A national electoral commission responsible for electing the new bodies of the National Youth Council of Burundi (CNJB) has been set up. The announcement was made on Monday, December 27, by the minister in charge of Youth, Mr. Ezéchiel Nibigira, during a press conference, a check by ABP revealed.

That commission, composed of nine members, including three from the Bureau and six from national commissariats, was appointed by ordinance No 1701/43 / CM / 2021 of December 20, 2021, of the minister in charge of Youth, holder of the national youth policy in Burundi.

Those new bodies of the CNJB have a 5-year term and their establishment will respect the democratic values ​​in which the members will be elected, throughout the national territory, that is to say, at the communal, provincial and national levels, Minister Nibigira said. Thus, he added, provincial electoral commissions and communal electoral commissions will be set up for that purpose, adding that the month of January 2022 is reserved for awareness-raising and preparations for the said elections of new members of the CNJB, in addition to the establishment of the Election Guide.

As for the deadlines, the Minister pointed out that the elections themselves cannot go beyond February 2022, thus inviting all stakeholders to prepare themselves to be elected at all levels.

Thassien Gahungu, Fabrice Nkurunziza and Francine Inarukundo have just been appointed respectively Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary of the National Bureau of that Commission.