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Problems related to the lack of selected seeds lead to poor production for farmers


Dec 24, 2021

BUJUMBURA December 24th (ABP) – The National Assembly, through the permanent committee responsible for issues of the environment, agriculture, livestock, community development and public work, presented, on Wednesday December 22, 2021, a report of the agriculture commission on a field trip to the Minister in charge of the environment, agriculture and livestock, Mr. Deo Guide Rurema. The latter exchanged with the MPs on that report and provided clarifications on certain questions which threaten the farmers.

The Minister responsible for Agriculture thanked that commission for its achievements in a trip that they made on the field through a documentary film which shows many activities accomplished during the trip, while noting that this ministry will release another documentary film to show the people the state of progress of the work carried out in this field.

He indicated that seed multiplication is a task that concerns everyone. He highlighted important favorable factors for achieving good production, including good arable land that contains water, selected seeds, as well as fertilizers and insecticides.

Minister Rurema said the ministry is planning ahead including what seeds to grow for next season.

                                                                                                                                                                     View of the MPs during the plenary session

The minister and the MPs present agreed that there are seed multipliers who do not work properly, who bring seeds to the market for consumption. He pointed out that those so-called multipliers that do not work properly will be removed from the list.

Minister Deo Guide Rurema reported that there are recognized seed multipliers by region. They are called upon to respect the employment contract so as not to expose themselves to sanctions. He further told the representatives of the people that he plans to bring innovations to change attitudes within his ministry.