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The province has organized a competition of drummer clubs to choose the best


Dec 17, 2021

KAYANZA December 17th (ABP) – The province of Kayanza (north) organized on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, a competition of drummer clubs, to choose a best club that will represent the province in the national competition to be held in Gitega on December 20, the socio-cultural adviser to the governor, Mr. Sylvain Bakanibona, told reporters. He said the competition was part of the closing of the Drum Week.

According to Mr. Bakanibona, each commune was required to choose a club to represent it. But, he regretted, only three drummer clubs including two from Kayanza commune and another from Muruta commune were able to compete in the said competition.

For him, it is very remarkable that young people do not participate in this kind of competition today. He called on club leaders to integrate young people so that this heritage and UNESCO world heritage does not disappear.

Nevertheless, he deplored the fact that the old drummers do not care to train new generations as well as the communal administrators who do not today privilege this emblematic heritage in Burundi.