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The ISTEEBU is finalizing the data collection tools and programs


Dec 7, 2021

BUJUMBURA December 6th (ABP) – The Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies of Burundi (ISTEEBU), is in the process of finalizing the tools and data collection programs to be able to carry out the pilot census and the census mapping, because the general census of the population, housing, agriculture and livestock in Burundi 2022 (RGPHAE), will be digitized, said Thursday, December 2 to ABP, the director general of ISTEEBU, Mr. Nicolas Ndayishimiye.

ISTEEBU is also finalizing the related methodological manuals and documents that will be used in the two stages of that census which will begin in August 2022.

Decree N ° 100/109 of November 30, 2020 establishing this census specifies in its article 5 that all natural persons residing in ordinary and collective households, housing, agro-pastoral farms, all public infrastructure, are listed, State lands and others, throughout the national territory, with the exception of members of the diplomatic and consular corps in Burundi.

The same article specifies that data on the civil status of the population residing in Burundi will also be collected.

In collective households, soldiers and police officers housed in barracks, neighborhoods and similar camps, people undergoing medical treatment for more than six months in hospitals, inmates in penal establishments, pupils and internal students at the hospital are counted. date of the census in educational establishments with boarding arrangements, workers accommodated in the barracks of temporary public works sites and having no other usual domicile, any other group of persons and persons without fixed domicile such as street children.