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The Torch of Peace was warmly welcomed in Cibitoke province


Nov 30, 2021

CIBIOKE November 29th (ABP) – In the tour that continues to all provinces of the country, the Torch of Peace continues to illuminate development activities. He was welcomed towards the evening of  Thursday, November 24 from Kayanza province, by the governor of Cibitoke province along with the elected representatives of the people, the Minister in charge of the interior and other officials at the border. Rwegura. To shed light on development, it started with the inauguration of the Ndora hospital in Bukinanyana commune, to spend the night in the capital of Cibitoke province. On Friday, November 26, the Torch passed through the Cibitoke hospital where the governor in the company of elected officials and the team carrying the torch proceeded to the inauguration of the laboratory. Afterwards, the Torch of Peace continued in Buganda commune where the first stone was laid for the construction of the communal office. It was also the occasion to go to the Kaburantwa parish where there was reception of the sheets for the covering of a meeting room, before continuing his journey towards Bubanza province.