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The Torch of Peace continues its journey in the provinces of the country


Nov 25, 2021

MAKAMBA November 24th (ABP) – On its third day, members of the Peace Torch Caravan joined the people of Makamba in sand hauling activities for the construction of the six-tier provincial office.

The representative of the youth affiliated to the CCM party in the Kigoma region in Tanzania, Miss Gerdaina Kabululu, called on the youth to work ardently for the development of Burundi.

That youth will also have to contribute to the maintenance of peace and security in their country. She thanked the Burundians for their generosity.

After the said work, the Torch caravan was welcomed in Mabanda and accompanied the Tanzanian delegation to the Mugina border before heading to the Nyanza-Lac commune where the intwararumuri participated in the paving work of three classrooms in the basic school of Mvugo.

The legal representative of the Intwararumuri association at the same time governor of Ngozi province, Mr. Epipode Baranyikwa thanked the governor of Makamba, Mrs. Françoise Ngozirazana who presented in the name of the population an envelope as a thank you for having stayed in Makamba for three days. He said the torch is the symbol of development, peace and solidarity. On all the main roads, the Torch was welcomed by many people.

Note that it was around 2:20 pm that the governor of Makamba handed the Torch of Peace to his counterpart from Rumonge, Mr. Consolateur Nitunga.