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The parish priest of the Catholic parish Muyaga asks the State for support in the development of the tourist place of Buruhukiro


Nov 24, 2021

CANKUZO November 23rd (ABP) – The parish priest of Muyaga, Aloys Cambara of the municipality and province of Cankuzo (eastern part of the country) asks the State for support in modern roads and the extension in development of the tourist resort Buruhukiro in view to receive the high number of tourists.

It was during the visit of the caravan of the torch of peace on Saturday, November 20, 2021 to the tourist site of Buruhukiro of the parish of Muyaga, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. The parish priest revealed that the chair on which the first abbot of that parish, the missionary Antonio, the cross brought by the missionaries in 1897, the first school they created in 1907, the stone on which had been seated, is naturally drawn the map of Burundi are among the objects that attract tourists. He said that all these elements are part of the ecclesiastical but also state heritage. Moreover, this tourist place is frequented by tourists from different corners of the world including many Christians who come to ask for God’s blessing which is why Buruhukiro is seen as a holy place.

In the process of explaining to the caravan of the Torch of Peace the reason for his holiness, the priest Cambara said that it is a historic place in the orientation of the Christian life of Burundians.

Moreover, the Christians who frequent it benefit from various divine miracles. Therefore, he spoke of a child who stood up and walked although he previously had the natural handicap in his legs (he always sat on the ground). The priest Cambara pointed out that the parish of Muyaga gives body and soul in the development of this historical and tourist place.

However, he asks for the support of the State in the construction of the paved road Cankuzo-Muyaga, Muyaga-Gatoke and its extension in buildings in order to have a high number of tourists.

As for the passing of the Torch of Peace in Buruhukiro, the parish priest of Muyaga stressed that this shows the presence of God’s peace in Cankuzo in particular and in Burundi in general. For him, that Torch refers to the peace that Jesus Christ gave to the world. Demonstrating that peace begins with everyone’s heart, he took the opportunity to call on all Burundians to unite for the consolidation of the latter. Note that this catholic church of Muyaga, is supported, inside by too heavy pillars of trees brought, from the arrival of the missionaries, by our ancestors coming from “kibira ca Budega”, at the border Burundian-Tanzanian in Gisagara commune of Cankuzo province.