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The Congolese Minister of Agriculture has paid a visit to Burundi


Nov 23, 2021

BUJUMBURA November 22nd (ABP) – The Congolese Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Désiré M’zinga Birahanze, has been visiting Burundi since Thursday, November 18, 2021 in response to the invitation of his Burundian counterpart, Mr. Déo Guide Rurema with whom he had a tête-à-tête at the Kiriri Garden hotel.

In a joint press interview immediately after that interview, M’zinga said that they had to discuss cooperation in the agricultural sector. He further indicated that the DRC with one hundred million inhabitants is having difficulty feeding its population while its neighbor Burundi has already taken the step towards food self-sufficiency. It is for this reason, he added, that he responded to the invitation of his counterpart so that they can discuss together on the mode of cooperation in the agricultural field.

As for Minister Rurema during the five days of stay in Burundi, the Congolese Minister of Agriculture and his delegation will have to travel through Burundi to see the step already taken in terms of food self-sufficiency.