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The World toilet day will be solemnly celebrated on the 26th current, according to the minister in charge of hydraulics


Nov 22, 2021

BUJUMBURA November 19th (ABP) – Water, Energy and Mines Minister Abraham Uwizeye released a statement on World Toilet Day on Thursday November 18, 2021, a check on the site by AB¨P has revealed.

Minister Uwizeye said that Burundi joins other nations around the world to celebrate this day on November 19 of each year. The theme for this year is: “Who cares about the toilet?’’

On that occasion, he recalled the sectoral strategies for the implementation of the national development plan (PND) 2018-2027 which were drawn up by the Ministry of Water, Energy and Mines with programs and projects for basic sanitation, in particular the program for the construction of latrines in public places, organization of sensitization sessions for administrators at all levels, as well as sensitization of the population on the construction and hygienic use of latrines.

Mr. Uwizeye underlined that when Burundian households have an adequate latrine, it is pleasant for them to receive guests and when they ask for the facility, it is with great joy that they present it to them.

Otherwise, it happens that you do not wish to have home visits because you feel as if you have no dignity, indeed as some say “water is life, sanitation is dignity”. he added.

As a result, he called on every Burundian household to adopt adequate behavior in terms of hygiene and basic sanitation, by building an adequate latrine and using it as hygienically as possible.

To that end, Minister Uwizeye took that opportunity to ask local administrators and organizations working in the development sector to sensitize the population so that they change their behavior in terms of hygiene and basic sanitation in order to face challenges related to poor hygiene due to the use of unsuitable latrines.

He also called on all stakeholders in the sub-sector to align and take ownership of the Burundi UNDP 2018-2027.

Finally, he wished all Burundians a better World Toilet Day which, in Burundi will be solemnly celebrated on November 26, 2021 in Bukemba commune in the province of Rutana.