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Preparation of an awareness campaign on diseases with epidemic potential


Nov 18, 2021

KAYANZA November 17th (ABP) – The sanitary province of Kayanza (northern Burundi), in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS and the NGO Civilian Volunteering Group (GVC), one of its partners, on Monday, November 15, organized a workshop to present information, education and communication tools with a view to preparing an awareness campaign on diseases with epidemic potential, such as malaria, cholera and coronavirus.

That campaign, which will last three months from December, will take place in three provinces, namely Kayanza, Ngozi and Cibitoke.

The provincial doctor in Kayanza, Dr. Célestin Congera, said that the workshop is also an opportunity to build the capacities of community leaders who will carry out that sensitization.

When asked why to insist on the three diseases, Dr. Congera clarified that those diseases present themselves in epidemiological form and that they risk threatening the health province of Kayanza if they are neglected. Thus, he said, the administrative and health authorities as well as the partners must do everything possible to block the road to any disease that tends towards the epidemiological threshold.