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Nearly 200 poor households have been assisted by their entourage in Muhanga commune


Nov 22, 2021

KAYANZA November 19th (ABP) – Nearly 200 vulnerable households in Muhanga commune in KAYANZA province (north) on Thursday, November 18 received aid consisting of five kilograms of beans, five kilograms of rice, clothes and shoes, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his occasional speech, the communal administrator of Muhanga, Mr. Lambert Nduwimana, specified that all this aid worth around six million Burundian francs was collected from households as part of local solidarity. He then asked his constituents not to wait for the celebration of the day dedicated to local solidarity established by the State to assist the destitute of their entourage but rather to strengthen that custom which, in the past, characterized the Burundians.

Mr. Nduwimana asked the village leaders to sensitize their leaders on local solidarity and mutual aid every time they organize meetings.

To the beneficiaries of that aid distributed, he called on them to roll up their sleeves and avoid relying on aid, especially since, according to him, being vulnerable is not an honor.

For the beneficiaries, it is a feeling of satisfaction. They asked other charitable souls to do the same so that other vulnerable people could be assisted.