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The administrators and heads of departments of Cankuzo are called upon to always preserve peace and security


Nov 12, 2021

CANKUZO November 11th (ABP) – The governor of Cankuzo province (eastern Burundi), Mr. Boniface Banyiyezako, held a meeting on Tuesday November 9 for communal administrators and heads of communal and provincial services to whom he asked to continue to preserve peace and security.

Peace and security reign in all the communes of Cankuzo province, except for some problems related to the theft of fields and households, it was reported.

Other challenges mentioned relate to road accidents which are caused by motorcyclists riding at high speed or while intoxicated. The astonishing thing is that most of these bikers do not have driver’s licenses or motorcycle documents, according to police in Cankuzo. Police officials have said binding action will be taken against the bikers.

Other problems are linked to cohabitation and common-law unions observed especially in the hills of the border communes of the United Republic of Tanzania, in particular Gisagara and Mishiha, where the back-and-forth movements of men from other provinces of the country are frequent. On their arrival on these hills, these men unite with women other than those left in their provinces of origin, which causes overpopulation in these localities. Similar cases are also noticeable in families in the Batwa community where a single man can have more than one wife, according to the Kigamba communal administrator.

In his speech, Governor Banyiyezako congratulated the participants for their close collaboration in safeguarding peace and security. He invited municipal administrators to remind hill officials to use their residents’ registration books. As for the population, it is called upon to point the finger at any foreign person in the locality.

During that meeting, the provincial authority urged everyone to become more involved in raising public awareness about protection against Covid-19.