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The Second Vice Speaker of the National Assembly has paid a three-day visit to Cankuzo province


Nov 12, 2021

CANKUZO November 12th (ABP) – The Second Vice Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Abel Gashatsi, along with the senators and deputies elected in the constituency of Cankuzo (eastern Burundi), took part in the proceedings on Wednesday November 10 of community development consisting of digging holes for planting tree seedlings in Kibande village in Cendajuru commune, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Mr. Gashatsi recalled that the environment plays an important role in development because, he explained, it goes hand in hand with agriculture because plants protect fields against erosion. On that occasion, he invited the population to plant trees.

In addition, Mr. Gashatsi held a meeting for heads of provincial and communal services, leaders of political parties, religious denominations and cooperative associations, local elected officials, traders as well as representatives of civil society. in the same commune of Cendajuru.

In his welcoming speech, the Governor of Cankuzo Province,

Mr. Boniface Banyiyezako, said that peace and security are a reality throughout the province and that the people are working on development work. However, he said, the lack of an asphalt road linking Cankuzo province to Tanzania is hampering the benefits it should enjoy, especially in terms of trade.

The Second Vice Speaker of the National Assembly indicated that the parliamentary recess is an opportunity for MPs and senators to go on the ground and inquire about the situation facing the people.

In terms of development, he called on the people of Cendajuru to overcome their political and ethnic differences and remain diligent in development work. He also invited the entire population, without distinction, to join a cooperative in order to self-develop. He further urged every household to practice modern animal husbandry which, he said, is the path to development. “Without raising cows, we can take care of the breeding of pigs, chickens and so on,” he said.

In addition, Mr. Gashatsi called on the population of Cendajuru to respect and support hierarchical institutions, safeguard peace and security, fight against cohabitation and the consumption of drugs. He did not forget to ask the legal authorities to work frankly. The Second Vice Speaker of the National Assembly finally reminded the people to always follow the barrier measures against Covid-19 as prescribed by the ministry having public health in its attributions.