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A sigh of relief for the inhabitants of the Buyenzi zone and the Ruvumera market


Oct 28, 2021

BUJUMBURA October 28th (ABP) – People who often visit the Ruvumera market and the services of its entourage located in the Buyenzi zone of the urban municipality of Mukaza positively appreciate the rehabilitation of certain roads that pass by that market, that was revealed during a visit that a check by ABP carried out in that zone.

In recent days, traffic at Ruvumera market has been difficult due to the dilapidated state of the road. Potholes were observed all along the road called “Avenue de la Santé” located to the east of the market, the one along the area to the market. The highway traffic code was violated because each driver of a vehicle made his way through which was most convenient for him. The same scenario was observed at the street called Ruvubu, located to the west of the said market, the one that goes from the Boulevard Melchior Ndadaye to the market.

Currently, the situation has improved. The users of that market, traders and buyers, appreciate the rehabilitation works of those roads which are carried out by the city Bujumbura. Even the residents of Buyenzi say that the rehabilitation of the main road contributes to their development and will improve the sanitation of the neighborhood.

For those who frequent the market or the various services located around the market via rue de la Ruvubu, they say they are satisfied with the state of progress of the work even if it is not yet completed. Workers are hard at work on the site, and quarries have been set up to fill the potholes seen there. The rubbish that would block the gutter during the rainy season will be brought under control because the road will be well maintained, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. However, the workers met on the spot demand that the rehabilitation of these public infrastructures be accompanied by rigorous measures to protect the gutters on the part of the administrative staff of that place, given that the inhabitants of the Buyenzi neighborhood are used to hiding behind the rain to dump household waste into gutters while it rains so as not to pay household waste disposal fees.