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Youth supervision visit in Nyabiraba commune


Oct 27, 2021

BUJUMBURA October 26th (ABP) – The president of the provincial youth council in Bujumbura province (western Burundi), Mr. Longin Hakizimana, paid a visit to Nyabiraba commune last Saturday where he joined the youth, in mostly educated, in community work at Kizunga village, Matara zone. The administrator of that commune, Mr. Ferdinand Simbananiye, was in the lead, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Mr. Simbananiye reported that such works were being carried out in all the villages so that the young people could give a boost to the development of their commune.

At Kizunga village, the young people were collecting rubble which will be used in the rehabilitation of the bridge in this locality. Others were loading a dump truck with laterite to load the communication routes, while still others were approaching the fired bricks of the site where the office is being erected the Matara zone.

In his speech, the chairman of the provincial youth council advised the young people of Nyabiraba not to give in to the solicitations of people who would lead them into criminal acts. He called on them to concentrate on studies, to contribute in development work, to love their country, their province and their native commune, not to indulge in debauchery and to focus on the development of creation projects jobs.

Note that before arriving in Nyabiraba, Mr. Hakizimana, in the company of an expert in project development, Mr. Jimmy Ndihokubwayo, president of the association “Tabitha community in action”, passed by Kabumba village in Kanyosha commune, the chief of staff of the governor of Bujumbura, Mr. Dieudonné Bizimana and the administrator of that commune, Mrs. Geneviève Ntahomvukiye, to inquire about the situation of children from poor families who are fed every morning by said association before going to school. Those children are given porridge and bread.