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The Prime Minister has given the government’s position on Covid-19


Oct 20, 2021

RUTANA October 20th (ABP) – The Burundi Prime Minister Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, visiting Rutana province (south-eastern Burundi) where he gave food and non-food aid to 300 vulnerable households on Sunday, invited the people strict compliance with the advice and instructions given by doctors in the fight against Covid-19 and revealed the government’s position on that disease.

He first asked the population not to take this disease lightly because it kills and once it occurs it can make someone poor and vulnerable by not working for one to two. weeks being confined to home when one had the strength and the means. He then recommended to the population to respect the advice and instructions of the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, namely hygiene measures such as hand washing, greeting from a distance without touching each other, non-participation only in festivals of great importance.

In addition, anyone who has symptoms of the disease has been asked to get tested. On this, the Prime Minister announced that the government has set up several screening centers and has decided to bring the necessary equipment and sufficient drugs to treat those affected. The head of government noted that a person who gets tested early and starts taking the medicine right away, heals quickly. He added that those who die from it, however few, are people who wait a moment believing in another disease such as malaria or a simple flu.

The government is also planning voluntary vaccination as another measure to cope with the disease, said Mr. Bunyoni, who added that the Covid-19 vaccines were hastily produced, which caused manufacturers to did not have time to test the consequences and side effects. That is why the producing countries of these vaccines ask the acquiring countries to sign a certificate of non-prosecution in the event of a problem inherent to these products.

He said that in Burundi anyone who wants to be vaccinated voluntarily is asked to sign an act disengaging the public authorities as to the consequences that may result from it although the government cannot abandon its population, underlined the Prime Minister.

He returned to the government’s slogan “Ndakira, Sinandura kandi Sinanduza corona virus” which has proven its worth in the fight against Covid-19. He asked everyone to follow the instructions which are compliance with the hygiene measures recommended by the ministry having health in its attributions, the early detection in case of signs related to the symptoms of the disease and the taking of medications.