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Owners of buildings to be demolished who have not met the deadlines are starting to face fines


Oct 18, 2021

KAYANZA October 17th (ABP) – After the expiration of a 2-week grace period granted to owners of infrastructure built in the right-of-way of national roads, the provincial administration, together with the communal administration of Kayanza (Northern Burundi) imposed a fine of 100,000 BIF on Monday afternoon on some recalcitrant, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In a notice of formal notice signed on September 23, addressed to the owners of infrastructure built within six meters of the right-of-way of the roads crossing the communes of Matongo, Gatara, Kayanza and Muruta, the governor of Kayanza indicated that a grace period two weeks were granted to them to demolish all these infrastructures. Through this same note, the provincial authority in Kayanza indicated that otherwise, the recalcitrant will be fined 100,000 BIF.

Monday was therefore the day to turn words into action. Three people including the BCB bank, branch of Kayanza, were thus fined 100,000 BIF each for showing reluctance to implement that recommendation.

At the end of that field trip, the adviser to the governor of Kayanza in charge of development, Mr. Vénuste Nduwimana, at the same time president of the committee in charge of monitoring the demolition of the infrastructure built in the right-of-way of the national roads indicated that the demolition of the latter in the town of Kayanza has now reached more than 95% due to the fact that in most places affected by that measure, only debris removal activities remain.