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Homeowners of houses built over water pipes are called on to demolish them


Oct 5, 2021

CIBITOKE October 4th (ABP) – Drinking water activities for the urban center of Cibitoke, which were nearing completion, are currently blocked by houses built over water pipes. Those are the same places where this new line should pass, leading that water to the large reservoir installed to supply the urban center of Cibitoke and its surroundings. The observation was made during community work on Thursday, September 30, 2021, by the governor of Cibitoke province, Carème Bizoza. In his words, he indicated that this drinking water supply project must continue and be completed before the end of October 2021. To get there, he called on the people who built anarchically, even as far as- above the pipes, to demolish them themselves, to prevent the administration from doing it for them and demanding payment of the demolition bill. The same official urged the administrators at the base to supervise the demolition activities, so that those concerned do not delay in doing so. Governor Bizoza remains confident that water, constituting a commodity that has become so scarce over the years, must reach the population for the benefit of those who have always pleaded for its availability, and who come every Thursday to the water supply works. water, which started in February 2021.