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Partial closure of the investigation and exhumation activities of the victims of the events of 1972 in Mwaro


Sep 28, 2021

MWARO September 28th (ABP) – Some 1,098 human remains victims of the events of 1972 were exhumed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in 18 mass graves identified, verified and confirmed in Mwaro province, according to the chairman of the TRC at the ‘occasion of the partial closure, Saturday September 26, of the investigation and exhumation activities through interfaith prayer in Gisozi.

The TRC chairman, Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, said that Mwaro province was one of the most affected by these crimes of 1972 and at the time Mwaro was a district of Muramvya province and those crimes were committed by the administration according to testimony.

Eighteen (18) mass graves were identified, verified and confirmed by the TRC in Rusaka, Gisozi and Kayokwe communes according to the president of the TRC who thanked the collaboration of the administration and all the people who were able to testify and those who showed those mass graves.

He called on the alleged perpetrators of these crimes to ask forgiveness from the families of the victims and if necessary, return the property taken from the victims for the reconciliation of future generations.

The governor of Mwaro, Gaspard Gasanzwe, had thanked the TRC for its accomplished work without forgetting all those who were able to reveal the truth about what they saw, encouraging them to always move forward for reconciliation.

The first vice-president of the senate, Denise Ndadaye, who was present in those ceremonies, also thanked the TRC for its work promising the support of the senate to the activities of that commission.

Note that these activities saw the participation of several officials of the parliament, the senate including the 2nd vice-president of the national assembly, Abel Gashatsi, the 1st vice-president of the senate, Denise Ndadaye, other members of the senate and the national assembly and other senior multisectoral officials.