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Catholic Christians and all Burundians are called on to forgiveness and reconciliation


Sep 9, 2021

RUYIGI September 8th (ABP) – The Bishop of the Catholic diocese of Ruyigi (eastern Burundi), Mgr Blaise Nzeyimana, on Sunday called on the Christians of that diocese to overcome the fear and evil resulting from the various unfortunate events that shook the Burundi, and live in harmony. That appeal was launched during the ceremonies of the day dedicated to justice and peace organized by the diocese of Ruyigi, at Rusego parish.

The Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Mr. Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, for his part, positively appreciated that step already taken by the diocese of Ruyigi and invited all Burundians to follow this example in the process of knowing the truth and to be reconciled.

The part of the Sunday mass which was most awaited by the people of that parish and the inhabitants of that locality who had gone to the place consisted in the request for forgiveness between the people who publicly declared to have murdered their neighbors during the crisis. of 1993 and asked for forgiveness so that they could live in harmony.

In his homily, the Bishop of Ruyigi, Bishop Blaise Nzeyimana, indicated that forgiveness is the only basis that unites the parties in conflicts, whether those of the past or current affairs. He stressed that the first step in that process of forgiveness is very difficult and consists of approaching the one and / or those who have been harmed and telling them bluntly, frankly and with all my heart, that we are sorry for the harm done to them. He thus asked all those who are asked to grant that forgiveness to grant it to those souls in need for their own salvation as requested by God through the gospel.

The TRC chairman, Mr. Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, for his part, asked Burundians in other provinces to have the courage to ask for forgiveness with a sincere heart, so that future generations can live in peace. He also suggested to everyone to have a heart of compassion and not to let self-centeredness dominate their feeling as if this or that other ethnic community was the only victim of these tragedies that Burundi has endured. Indeed, he said, all Burundians were in one way or another affected by those events.

Note that this day was also an opportunity to remember and bless the place where 300 murdered victims were buried in 1993 while they were inside the parish of Rusengo and its surroundings.