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People are called on to make an effort to protect the environment


Sep 2, 2021

CANKUZO September 1st (ABP) – The adviser to the governor of Cankuzo (eastern part of the country) in charge of legal matters, Mr. Silas Nimbona, on Thursday August 26, 2021 called on the people of Gisagara commune to participate, whenever necessary, in the environmental protection works, a check on the site by ABP has disclosed.

That was after the contour plotting works he participated in in Muzire village.

Mr. Nimbona indicated that it is within the framework of the protection of the environment that these programs of digging anti-erosion drains must be implemented.

In fact, the contour lines are used to conserve water that is useful for different plants and for humans.

The water enters the subsoil to increase the quantity in the source, said the legal advisor.

In addition, the water will be clean because, he added, it will be filtered before reaching the place accessible for consumption.

To keep water in abundance, Mr. Nimbona advised the people to avoid planting a few trees that need water in large quantities to grow in that case the eucalyptus.

He suggested that this type of tree be planted 15 meters from swamps or a water source to avoid the consequences of drought. The legal adviser added that eucalyptus trees also fight erosion.

For him, it is on those contour lines where the grasses used to feed the animals which will be in permanent housing since October will be planted.

He reminded everyone to spare no effort in plotting contour lines because they are useful in everyone’s life in all sectors.

He took the opportunity to challenge the population to educate their children especially in the love of work without setting aside the environmental protection program to prepare the image of the country of tomorrow.

He invited the people to listen to and implement the advice given by the administration at all levels because any message serves as a solution to the problems that haunt the community.

Mr. Silas Nimbona sensitized the people of Muzire village to fight against bush fires, which all are competent for planting trees on the mountains and in the fields.