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A week of open doors dedicated to the University of Burundi


Aug 31, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 31st (ABP) – One week of open doors on the theme “University of Burundi, Leader in Quality Training and Innovative Research for Sustainable Development” was opened on Monday of 30th August 2021 in the premises of the University of Burundi.

The Rector of the University of Burundi, Professor Sanctus Niragira, said the University of Burundi wants to be a leader in training and scientific research.

That is how it organized a week of both academic and cultural activities that will allow the public to discover it and flourish within its institution. He pointed out that in 2015, the University of Burundi opened a doctoral school meeting the international standards hosting the doctoral students from different horizons. That doctoral school already records seven graduates until today, while two others will defend their doctoral thesis before November this year.

The University of Burundi has eight faculties and seven institutes housed in eight campuses, three inside the country for the sake of decentralized higher education.

Mr. Niragira said that in different institutes and faculties, research is organized by 17 research centers and laboratories available to the University of Burundi.

During that week, researchers will present the results of their research work that includes in different theme, including political science, marketing, nutrition, finance, he added.

Those open door ceremonies were enhanced by the Permanent Secretary of the Department of National Education and Scientific Research, Fréderic Bangirinama.

The latter indicated that the University of Burundi must be the torch gate and that today the government welcomed the results already achieved by the winners of that doctoral school.

He asked the university leaders and teachers to conduct an effort to promote quality and high-level education in Burundi for the country’s sustainable development.

He also asked those research centers and doctoral school to open the horizons by collaborating with other centers in the sub-region.

The Government of Burundi across the Ministry of Education is committed to supporting the University of Burundi and any other institution of higher education that will be in that approach of scientific research.